CAT CAFE Nekogokochi

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CAT CAFE Nekogokochi

Hi. I’m Hazuki, the owner of the hostel. I was finally able to go to the cat cafe that is located close to the hostel. I wanted to go there for a long time.

□What is a cat cafe in the first place?
A cat cafe is a dreamlike place where you can relax by touching and looking at the cats that are left loose. Every cat cafe tries various measures to bring customers and cats close to each other. Toys are there for you to play with the cats, or you can buy treats to feed them. It is said that the world’s first cat cafe opened in Taiwan. One day, I found a sign of a popular cat cafe located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I was surprised to find out that the cat working at the cafe (?) shared the same name, “Hazuki.” (lol)

IMG_9820 IMG_9821

□CAT CAFE Nekogokochi  It is reasonably priced!
*The first 30 minutes: 700JPY
*The first 1 hour: 1,000JPY
(You can extend the time if you want. 500JPY for extra 30 minutes.)
*Cat treats: 300JPY
*All drinks: 400JPY (free refills)


I think this cat cafe is reasonably priced. It can’t be seen from outside, so the time setting, 30 minutes, is good to experience what the cafe is like! Furthermore, you don’t have to order your drink if you don’t want it. Many cat cafes charge by the hour, and you also need to order at least one drink per person. This is something to be glad about.

There are neither meals nor desserts at the cafe. It’s very simple compared to large-scale cat cafes. “You can play with the cats! That’s all!!” You have to be aware of this. The cafe is very small, but you can inevitably get close to the cats!

□What is the cafe like?
First, you need to disinfect your hands by hand sanitizer. You can enter the room when you get your card that starting time is written. There are a lot of welcoming cat figures and comic books that are related to cats inside the cafe! You can’t cuddle the cats, but it’s allowed to take pictures of them and stroke them.

All cats are kinda big here… Maybe it’s because the cat at my parents’ house is small and slim. I was overwhelmed.
There is an office in the back, so I don’t know the overall size of the cafe. But I assume the size of the room where I was playing with the cats was around 33.1 square meters. It’s very compact. There, free and easy cats were feeling relaxed as you can see from the pictures (All of them are big). Many cats were on the electric heating carpet. The carpet was warm, so I sat there and read a comic book called “Yomawarineko.”
The cats weren’t friendly, but they allowed me to take pictures.
Puss, let me stroke you a little.
Many cats were melting into the carpet.

□The greatest characteristic of Nekogokochi

All the cats here are ex-stray cats.  The owner manages the cafe pursuing the concept, “a cozy place for both cats and people.”  You can adopt the cats anytime.  The owner is a person with a strong belief.  I can feel the owner’s love for the cats, too.  It’s a lot easier just to say that cats are cute, but I think visiting here supports the action of the cafe indirectly.

I believe that it costs a lot to take care of large numbers of cats safely and securely. And what is more, it may cost money to keep them in a healthy condition. Hiroshima has too many cat cafes. Personally speaking, I hope that more and more people visit here. Menu is just as good as having nothing, but I think few people visit here to have meals. So, I consider there aren’t any problems with it.
The album is handmade, which is full of love.



Why don’t you come to the hostel and support the cats? It’s located 3-minute-walk from the hostel. Great location, just 2-minute walk to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park!


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