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Superb Karaage in Shimane

This is Hazuki, the owner. Listen up: before you die, you should have ordered a karaage (deep-fried) set meal at least once in your life! That’s how much of a karaage chicken set meal lover I am. The key point here is ‘set meal,’ because you can’t live without white rice. Now, I used to […]

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La Cordobesa

Hi! This is owner Hazuki. Yesterday I went to a superb place, so allow me to brag about it tell you why you definitely should go! ラ コルドベッサ (La Cordobesa) 【Location】 Closest tram stop: Koamicho (This is a tram stop without a platform à You have to get on board on the road. Please be […]

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Tapioca ramblings

Konnichiwa, this is owner Hazuki! Tapioca is so hot these days. Originally from Taiwan, tapioca milk tea (or bubble tea) is now loved all over the world, including in Japan. But hey, I liked it before it was cool!! When I was in high school, I used to drink bubble tea a lot around Shinjuku […]

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Cafe 43-Quarante-trois

Hi. This is Hazuki, the owner! Yesterday was such an incredibly hot day! The weather was so nice that it almost became suspicious. I went outside and took a leisurely stroll along the river. Sweat was flowing profusely. Along the way, I was flustered as I suddenly bumped into this giant, pelican-like bird. This bird […]

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Coffee Tasting with Shuji

Coffee Tasting with Shuji at the Evergreen Hostel! By Adam Carter Good morning ☺ do you smell that? Oh yes, yes, yes, coffee is a brewing in the kitchen! If you’re like me, your love of coffee knows no bounds – it is simply a must for every day (who you calling an addict?). I […]

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Why it’s OK to Eat Cheap in Japan

Why it’s OK to Eat Cheap in Japan By Adam Carter   So you’ve been thinking about traveling to Japan? Maybe you’ve already decided some of the places you would want to go to – Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, perhaps Hakuba or Sapporo, to a number of shrines, temples, and onsens. But then as you start […]

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Is the restroom of Japan interior? There was a restroom in a restroom in SUZU CAFÉ hiroshima!? This is Minori of blog writer of the evergreen hostel. It’s such beautiful weather today. But, it’s getting cool and comfortable. Today, I would like to write about a SUZU CAFÉ -hiroshima which I went to last week. […]

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A Short Trip to Yamaguchi #1

Hi, I’m Danny. I went for a drive to Yamaguchi the other day.The purpose of visiting Yamaguchi was to eat fugu (blowfish). I’m not familiar with fugu because I grew up in Shinshu, the area surrounded by mountains. Now that I’m older, I don’t feel like eating something new… Wait. Have I ever eaten fugu […]

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Let’s eat freshly-fried tempura!

Hi, I’m Danny. The cold weather has been continuing these days. Is it because of a cold wave? It’s surprising that we got a few inches of snow in Hiroshima. It’s cold, but winter is the best season for oysters♪ I went out to eat tempura of oysters, which is available only during winter! The […]