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Oyster’s delight at Kakigoya

Hi there! This is Hazuki, I’m the owner of the hostel. Hiroshima Prefecture has access to 60-70% of Japan’s oysters. And have you ever been to Kakigoya? It’s been one of my favourite oyster restaurants for a while now. I took a visit from a friend as an opportunity to drop by again. Kakigoya is […]

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Hello, this is Hazuki, the Evergreen Hostel’s owner! Lots of delicious ramen restaurants line the streets in Fukuromachi, a neighbourhood in Naka-ku, central Hiroshima. I often stop by in one of them on weekends during lunch. Family ramen: Yokoduna-ya 横綱家 Famous Hakata ramen: Hakata Ippudo 一風堂 広島袋町店 Lately, I’ve been going to this newly reopened ramen shop. Mongoi […]

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Oyakodon at Nakau

Hi. I’m Hazuki, owner of the hostel. Previously, I wrote the following articles on surprisingly cheap restaurants in Japan. • Italian: “Saizeriya” • Japanised Chinese: “Gyōza no Ohsho” • Gyūdon Chains • Other: Chinese Restaurants in the City Today, I warmly recommend you one chain in particular! なか卯(なかう)!NAKAU!! It’s also conveniently located near our hostel. […]

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Vegan in Japan

Written by Kara Coming to Japan as a vegan was daunting. I didn’t know the language and wasn’t sure how much veganism was understood here. I considered taking a break from being vegan during my time in Japan, but the thought distressed me. I discovered very quickly that the concept of veganism is not well-understood […]

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Gyūdon Hi. This is Hazuki, owner of the hostel. I’ve already written posts on the surprisingly wide variety of cheap restaurants in Japan. Italian: “Saizeriya” Japanised Chinese: “Gyōza no Ohsho” Other: Urban Chinese Today, I decided to write a long-awaited (?) post on Japan’s beef bowls: gyūdon  With its remarkable simplicity, this bowl of rice seasoned […]

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So Local: Chinese Restaurants of Hiroshima

Japanese-Chinese restaurants are really good. I decided to try out Sai Sai Rai (再々来). Inside this snug, downtown Hiroshima Chinese restaurant, there is room for five at the counter to the right, and a further three tables to the left. With its all-red facade, this tiny restaurant looks very instagrammable. It almost feels like being […]

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Heavenly Bagels

Hi there! This is Hazuki, owner of the Evergreen Hostel. I’m shocked. I never knew bagels could be this delightful! Up until now, the bagels I’ve been eating were always dried out or too firm… but what’s a bagel’s texture actually supposed to be like? With this uncertainty in mind, I simply began avoiding bagels […]

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‘SAPANA’: Exquisite Nepali Style Curry

Hi, I’m Hazuki, the owner of The Evergreen Hostel! Today, I’m taking you to yet another hidden, culinary gem: a Nepali style curry restaurant at a two-minute walk from our hostel Near the bottom of our folders and flyers, available at our desk, there’s a ¥100 coupon for this restaurant! Don’t forget to take it […]