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Volunteer Staff Information

Volunteer Staff Information We are a small 3.5-year-old hostel in central Hiroshima. We invite guests from all over the world. Only 5 minutes walk from the world famous “Atomic Bomb Dome”. And you can also find it easy to go to Miyajima, another world heritage in Hiroshima. We’re confident in our amazing location! Cultural exchange […]

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What is a hostel?

Hostelってなんですか? Hello. This is Hazuki, the owner! Online reservations are typical these days, but once in a while, people call us to make a reservation. Lots of those calls come from elderly people. Customer: “Hello, I would like to make a reservation for a single room, please” Me: “Ah, I’m sorry. This is a hostel, […]

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Superb Karaage in Shimane

This is Hazuki, the owner. Listen up: before you die, you should have ordered a karaage (deep-fried) set meal at least once in your life! That’s how much of a karaage chicken set meal lover I am. The key point here is ‘set meal,’ because you can’t live without white rice. Now, I used to […]

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Rethinking what’s good about our hostel

This is Hazuki, the owner! Today, I want to think back about what it is that makes our hostel so great. It’s now been three years since we opened and that’s all the more reason to reflect… and in those three years, I’ve come to realise many things. 1. We have non-wobbly beds Our beds […]

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La Cordobesa

Hi! This is owner Hazuki. Yesterday I went to a superb place, so allow me to brag about it tell you why you definitely should go! ラ コルドベッサ (La Cordobesa) 【Location】 Closest tram stop: Koamicho (This is a tram stop without a platform à You have to get on board on the road. Please be […]

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Tapioca ramblings

Konnichiwa, this is owner Hazuki! Tapioca is so hot these days. Originally from Taiwan, tapioca milk tea (or bubble tea) is now loved all over the world, including in Japan. But hey, I liked it before it was cool!! When I was in high school, I used to drink bubble tea a lot around Shinjuku […]

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The Rules of School

Written by Peter I remember being a kid at Cheremoya Elementary School in Hollywood, California, back in the 80’s. Gross stuff, like all kinds and colors of gum stuck under the school chairs and desks, or the bathrooms always having wet floors and smelling of poop when some kid figured flushing was too much work […]

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Hm..What to Bring?

Written by Peter Toothbrush? Check. Passport? Check. Reasonably clean underwear that I may have to flip inside out in case I can’t find a washing machine? Double check. Getting ready to travel is always an exciting, if not somewhat anxiety-filled moment. Deciding where you want to go this time around is such a fun experience. […]

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An Open Letter to Hazuki From Peter

Written by Peter An Open Letter to Hazuki: Dear Hazuki, Genkidesuka? Is everything well with you? How has Evergreen been going lately? Any new tourists coming in and asking others to follow them on Instagram (inside joke, but feel free to ask her about it). Any wonderful and weird and completely and unnecessarily perverted (it […]

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オーナーのはづきです!きょうは近隣のコインランドリーの紹介。 Hi I am the owner Hazz. Today I am introducing LAUNDROMATS nearby in the area around my hostel! ホステル内にもコインランドリー置いているんですが、ドライのほうがどうもちょっと弱い。 電気のやつなので、大型のガスタイプと比べるとどうしても乾きが悪いですの。すみませんね。 (それでもTシャツやタオル数枚とか全体量が多くなければ全然問題ないですけどもね) Of course there is a laundy inside my hostel, but the issue is our dryer is not so strong because we are using electricity, not gas. Gas dryer is much more stronger, you […]