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Bayside Beach Saka

Bayside Beach Saka (closest beach to Hiroshima City centre)   We tried out Bayside Beach!  In Saka, Hiroshima Prefecture, lies Bayside Beach. We went there for two weeks and now we’re all tanned! Last week, we went to the Hashi swimming beach in Shimane Prefecture, but this time we stayed closer to home. Bayside Beach […]

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Uenohara Ranch CADORE

Uenohara Ranch CADORE Hello, this is owner Hazuki   Recently, I visited Uenohara Ranch Cadore in Fukutomicho, Higashihiroshima with my family. I like ranches! Read on to find out why. ① Mammals are great! Plus, touching their fur helps to cure stress. ② Ranches are pure youth nostalgia for me! During my youth in Hokkaido, I was often […]

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Superb Karaage in Shimane

This is Hazuki, the owner. Listen up: before you die, you should have ordered a karaage (deep-fried) set meal at least once in your life! That’s how much of a karaage chicken set meal lover I am. The key point here is ‘set meal,’ because you can’t live without white rice. Now, I used to […]

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La Cordobesa

Hi! This is owner Hazuki. Yesterday I went to a superb place, so allow me to brag about it tell you why you definitely should go! ラ コルドベッサ (La Cordobesa) 【Location】 Closest tram stop: Koamicho (This is a tram stop without a platform à You have to get on board on the road. Please be […]

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Tapioca ramblings

Konnichiwa, this is owner Hazuki! Tapioca is so hot these days. Originally from Taiwan, tapioca milk tea (or bubble tea) is now loved all over the world, including in Japan. But hey, I liked it before it was cool!! When I was in high school, I used to drink bubble tea a lot around Shinjuku […]

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Hm..What to Bring?

Written by Peter Toothbrush? Check. Passport? Check. Reasonably clean underwear that I may have to flip inside out in case I can’t find a washing machine? Double check. Getting ready to travel is always an exciting, if not somewhat anxiety-filled moment. Deciding where you want to go this time around is such a fun experience. […]

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Maid to Rock

Written by Peter, Evergreen guest. 2018, Golden Week.  I had decided to visit Fukuoka for a few days.  I had been there before, and knew there was a really cool place called City Canal Hakata, a massive, multi-winged, indoor-outdoor mall hybrid.  Tons of stores and restaurants, as well as an IMAX theater up on top. […]

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Kagura: The unknown gem of Japanese folklore

Kagura: The unknown gem of Japanese folklore By Timotej Lauko   You may have heard of kabuki or noh, two of the classical Japanese drama genres. These are rather well-known even to a foreigner, who may not be as familiar with Japanese traditions, as a scholar or, of course, a native. I keep hearing that […]

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Coffee Tasting with Shuji

Coffee Tasting with Shuji at the Evergreen Hostel! By Adam Carter Good morning ☺ do you smell that? Oh yes, yes, yes, coffee is a brewing in the kitchen! If you’re like me, your love of coffee knows no bounds – it is simply a must for every day (who you calling an addict?). I […]