Tourism in Hiroshima

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Shopping in central Hiroshima

Hello There! My name is Andy. I’ll be posting here on the Evergreen Hostel blog for the next couple weeks. I hope to provide some helpful tips for anyone traveling to Hiroshima, as well as some insight on traveling in Japan. For this post, I’m going to start simple with talking about some good spots […]

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Preparing matcha by myself

Hi, I’m Danny. It’s getting colder these days. Hot drinks keep you warm this time of year. I went to a café to drink matcha green tea on a cool rainy Sunday♪ The name of the café is Hachidori-sha. There is a kotatsu (a low table with an electric heater installed underneath and covered by […]

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Himeji Castle (A World Heritage Site)

It’s perfect time to see autumn leaves in the mountains. They are turning red and yellow now. It’s a bit strange to see autumn leaves although the streets of the town are in full Christmas mode(lol). Many leaf peeping places have been reported in the media these days. But today, I’d like to talk about Himeji […]

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宮島で紅葉狩り 後編

I could look around into the distance because of the fine weather and the dry air. The Shikoku region was a short distance away! The sea was dotted with small islands. There are a lot of islands in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. I felt fresh because I was brought up in the mountains. It […]

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Leaf peeping in Miyajima #1

Hi, I’m Danny. Ah, autumn is here. It’s koyo (colorful autumn leaves) season in Japan. However, autumn leaves had already fallen in my neighborhood…. I felt rushed and decided to go to Miyajima for leaf peeping. I really wanted to go to Miyajima in autumn!! I knew it was crowded with people, but I left […]

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CAT CAFE Nekogokochi

Hi. I’m Hazuki, the owner of the hostel. I was finally able to go to the cat cafe that is located close to the hostel. I wanted to go there for a long time. □What is a cat cafe in the first place? A cat cafe is a dreamlike place where you can relax by […]

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Let’s eat a parfait at a nice cafe

Hi, I’m Danny. I have a sweet tooth as I told you in the other story, “Let’s go for a drive to Miyoshi.” I eat anything including cakes, cookies, chocolates and more! I can’t resist sweet things that looks delicious. Today, I’d like to introduce a cafe where I wanted to go for a long […]

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A Walk-and-Eat Tour in Onomichi #2

✪A Walk-and-Eat Tour in Onomichi #2 : Click here for #1✪ (I ate a lot!) I found a pudding shop just after I passed through the shopping arcade! Their puddings are in the nostalgic glass bottles as shown in the picture. I visited here because I saw their puddings in the guidebook of Hiroshima and […]

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A Walk-and-Eat Tour in Onomichi #1

Hi, I’m Danny. Today, I’d like to talk about a walk-and-eat tour in Onomichi. After visiting the temple, I strolled through the streets of Onomichi. I happened to pass a restaurant, so I decided to have a sandwich for my lunch here. This restaurant provides chili con carne and sandwiches. They serve sandwiches with a […]