Month: June 2020

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Oyster’s delight at Kakigoya

Hi there! This is Hazuki, I’m the owner of the hostel. Hiroshima Prefecture has access to 60-70% of Japan’s oysters. And have you ever been to Kakigoya? It’s been one of my favourite oyster restaurants for a while now. I took a visit from a friend as an opportunity to drop by again. Kakigoya is […]

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Hello, this is Hazuki, the Evergreen Hostel’s owner! Lots of delicious ramen restaurants line the streets in Fukuromachi, a neighbourhood in Naka-ku, central Hiroshima. I often stop by in one of them on weekends during lunch. Family ramen: Yokoduna-ya 横綱家 Famous Hakata ramen: Hakata Ippudo 一風堂 広島袋町店 Lately, I’ve been going to this newly reopened ramen shop. Mongoi […]

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Jump it up at Get Air Trampoline Park!

Jump it up at Get Air Trampoline Park! Hi, this is Hazuki, owner of the Evergreen Hostel. Here’s another one for the “been there, done that” section! ■ I went jumping at Get Air! More specifically, this is the second Japanese location of the American “Get Air” chain, which has 90 branches in the US. Nope, I never heard about it either! […]

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From Hiroshima to Bangkok with Nok Air

Hi, I’m Hazuki, owner of the hostel! Today I write to you about a trip I made from Hiroshima to Bangkok. There are currently three low-cost airlines that fly this route from Hiroshima Airport. I took Nok Air’s Hiroshima – Bangkok flight, which was established just recently in December of last year! This post is […]

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Oyakodon at Nakau

Hi. I’m Hazuki, owner of the hostel. Previously, I wrote the following articles on surprisingly cheap restaurants in Japan. • Italian: “Saizeriya” • Japanised Chinese: “Gyōza no Ohsho” • Gyūdon Chains • Other: Chinese Restaurants in the City Today, I warmly recommend you one chain in particular! なか卯(なかう)!NAKAU!! It’s also conveniently located near our hostel. […]

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Three LCCs that Fly from Hiroshima

Hi, I’m Hazuki, the owner of the hostel! Let me introduce you to three LCCs that fly from Hiroshima. What on earth is an LCC?! Sorry to keep you waiting: LCC is the abbreviation of Low-Cost Carrier. In other words, these are airlines that are significantly cheaper than many major airlines. Some examples of such major airlines […]