Month: April 2017

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こんにちは。はづきです。 先日会社のもと同期であるアラサー男子3人が泊まりに来てくれました!!ありがたい!! 混雑した路面電車でうっかり降り遅れてしまうハプニングもあったようですが(わたしも広島ビギナーの時はよくやりました笑)、1泊2日でガッツリと広島観光を楽しんでもらえたようです。 I asked them to write some objective information of Hiroshima because they came all the way from Tokyo!  Well, they are all interesting!   【Okonomiyaki】 ◯Because there are many kinds of okonomiyaki, it’s very difficult to choose which to eat.  I want the restaurant to emphasize its strong points.  I don’t care […]

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My first snow experience in Japan

Hi, I’m YU. For this time, I’d like to write about my first snow experience in Japan. I was so lucky that Hiroshima had the heaviest snow fall in 33 years! “Does it snow in Taiwan?” Yes, but it snows once or twice a year. BUT! You have to climb up the mountain over 3,000 […]

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My first sento (public bath)!!

Hi, I’m Saki.  Nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself.  I worked here in August and September last year and came back to work because it’s spring break!! I’d like to introduce Dobashi-Yu this time.  It’s a 10-minute walk from THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL!!  Ta-da!! Women’s bath is on your left and men’s bath is […]

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Ondo Onsen Report

Hi, I’m YU from Taiwan. It has been 6 months since I came to Hiroshima and 3 months since I started working at THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL. I’d like to write about my favorite hot spring as my first post. Jenni, the staff of the hostel, introduced me Ondo Onsen the other day. I looked up on the […]