Month: July 2016

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Daily post

Preparing lots of pillow cases listening to my favorite music. It is not a difficult work but takes a bit to finish as we usually have to do that with more 40. まったりスガシカオを聴きながらラウンジで大量の枕カバーを畳んでいます… 40枚とかやるの、地味に時間がかかるんですよね。 On this day, I was interviewed by Japan Finance Corporation which accepted my hostel business plan. Sarita, Wei and I were […]

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#4 EvergreenPeople

#4 EvergreenPeople Today’s guest, Francesc from Spain, wrote my first name “HAZUKI” in Arabic. I’m so excited to see it because it’s really rare to see Arabic in my Japanese daily life. What’s more, it’s my own name! Wow. Seems really dificult for me…. It is a little designed, rather than a normal letters. But […]

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Mazda Museum

2 days ago I went to Mazda Mortor Company for some reason.     There were so many people in the lounge. I guess they’re going to take part in Mazda Museum’s tour. In the morning, they have also English tour. Have a try.   I’ve been there 2 years ago and it was pretty […]

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#2 EvergreenPeople

‪#‎EvergreenPeople‬ Guests from Israel. He wears nice T-shirt everyday…(yesterday “Iron Man” was drawn. ) Now it’s about time they arrive at Tokyo by express bus…Keep enjoying;) イスラエルからのお客様はたしか2組目。2泊してから東京へ夜行バスで向かいました〜🚌 長旅お疲れ様! ‪#‎EvergreenPeople‬ 陳-san and friends coming from Taiwan with their bike. Have a safe trip:) 台湾から3人組。1ヶ月かけて日本でチャリを存分に楽しむ予定だそうで、まだ4日目。今日は岡山まで行くらしい✨た…楽しそーーー!

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#1 EvergreenPeople

こんにちは。ときどきゲストの方の写真を撮ったりしている葉月です。 Hi, thank you for reading this. I’m HAZZ, the owner. I sometimes take a photo of the guests. ‪#‎EvergreenPeople‬ Duncan:Have you had Irish guests before? Me:Yap! Duncan:mm… How about cyclists? Me:Ah.. There’s some Japanese guy and a girl from Canada who came here by their bike. But you’re the first Irish cyclist! Now he’s […]

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【EVENT】2016/7/5 International Dinner

2016/7/5 International Dinner Battle at a lounge スタッフのウェイさんが重慶名物の火鍋を、じゅんさんがお好み焼きを焼いてくれます。 バトルと言いつつ、単に火鍋とお好み焼きを楽しむ国際的晩餐です♪お気軽にぜひ。材料費200円/人くらい徴収するかもしれません! Actually it’s not a battle…:) Just feel 2 countries culture enjoying 2 dish. *Jun-san from Hiroshima makes Okonomiyaki. *Wei, our exchange staff, makes Chinese Hotpot. Let’s eat dinner together! JOIN US. ウェイさん:重慶から両親が香辛料を送ってくれましたよ~ ハヅキさんは辛いのOK?火鍋をしましょう。 Wei:Hey, my parent send me spicy stuff from Chongqing. Are you OK with hot dish, Hazz? […]