Month: February 2017

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6 Things to do in Hiroshima

6 Things to do in Hiroshima by Gilberto I have been in Hiroshima for over a month so everyday I see new travelers in the hostel and is common to hear from them that there is not much to do or see in Hiroshima so I decided to write about the things to do while […]

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Working experience by Chapman

From Chapman Fan Well, it looks like my time working as an exchange staff is nearing its close.  I still remember my first day at Hiroshima when I just disembarked from my overnight bus from Kyoto at 6am in the morning.  I felt very tired since I was running on 2 hours of sleep that […]

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Okonomiyaki Since I arrived to Japan there is one word I have hear over and over: Okonomiyaki, on my first day in Hiroshima we had some Okonomiyaki on the hostel but I didn’t knew how famous it was in Japan. Then I wonder about that funny word I hear all over Hiroshima, in the street […]