Month: February 2018

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Hattendo Factory Tour #2

I participated in a bread making workshop in the afternoon. There are 2 types of workshops. A A quick and easy bread making course that takes around 15 minutes. You don’t need to make a reservation in advance. 500 yen per person. B A bread making course where you can make your original cream bun. […]

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Sights in Hiroshima

Sights in Hiroshima by Andy This post will sort of be a two in one. I’ll discuss some sightseeing areas, as well as some great spots in Hiroshima for taking photographs. All over Japan there are hundreds of places great for photography. First, let me go over some photography etiquette. When traveling to another country, […]

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Hattendo Factory Tour #1

Hi, I’m Danny. I know it’s quite sudden, but do you know Hattendo? I happened to know Hattendo when I lived in Kanto region. I bought a cream bun of Hattendo casually at a station building on my way home from work. It was very delicious, and I’ve become a big fan of Hattendo since […]

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Visiting Izumo Taisha #1

We visited Izumo Taisha one day after we did sightseeing in Matsue. Visiting Izumo Taisha was the main purpose of this trip. It was within a 10-minute walk to the approach to the shrine from the inn we stayed at. Izumo Taisha opens its gate at 6:30 am. We decided to visit there in the […]

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Visiting Izumo Taisha #2

We came back to the inn and had breakfast. We checked out of the inn and headed for Izumo Taisha again. We visited “Kitajima Kokusokan” this time. By the way, you can go to Kitajima Kokusokan easily from Izumo Taisha. Senge family and Kitajima family had taken over rituals of Izumo Taisha for a long […]

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Exploring Matsue

Hi, I’m Danny. Today, I’d like to talk about the trip to Matsue Castle in Shimane Prefecture. I’m not very familiar with the names of samurai warlords, but I like to visit castles. And I’m collecting series of stamps at castles. http://jokaku.jp/stamp-rally/ I’m a collectomania, so I’m filled with a sense of mission when I start […]

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Shopping in central Hiroshima

Hello There! My name is Andy. I’ll be posting here on the Evergreen Hostel blog for the next couple weeks. I hope to provide some helpful tips for anyone traveling to Hiroshima, as well as some insight on traveling in Japan. For this post, I’m going to start simple with talking about some good spots […]