Month: March 2018

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Let’s eat freshly-fried tempura!

Hi, I’m Danny. The cold weather has been continuing these days. Is it because of a cold wave? It’s surprising that we got a few inches of snow in Hiroshima. It’s cold, but winter is the best season for oysters♪ I went out to eat tempura of oysters, which is available only during winter! The […]

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Gochiso samadeshita

It’s been over a week now. Tucked about a ten-minute walk away from the Atomic Bomb Dome in Honkawacho, Hiroshima, I have been sheltered by The Evergreen Hostel, which stands in stark contrast to the memorial of a time when war and hate was everywhere. Managed by its warm and generous owner, Hazuki Umemoto, she […]

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Feedback left by Workawayer (Maya)

18/03/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Maya) If I had to describe this hostel in one word it would be: Family During my long travel I was always searching for a bit of home. Well I fount it. At first it’s hard to know who is a guest and who is a staff because everyone talk […]

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Hi, I’m Danny. The other day, I went to Dezomeshiki (the New Year’s parade of firefighters) for the first time in my life. I went to see it because my family was interested in the event, but I was interested in it the most. (lol) There is a fire department in a short distance away […]

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Draw an Omikuji in Fukuyama

Hi, I’m Danny. I went to shrine in Fukuyama the other day. The purpose for visiting was to draw an omikuji to predict my fortune for the future! The place I visited was Kusado Inari-jinja. True to its name, not only torii (entrance gate) but also ornamental parapets are in bright red.  So, the shrine […]