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Started collecting coins!

こんにちは。オーナーのはづきです。 Hi, I’m the owner, Hazz. うちのホステルで、Unicefの外貨募金をはじめてみました! というのも、ベッドに1枚だけ外国のコインが落ちてる(要するにもう取りに来ないような落し物・忘れ物)..というようなことが何度かあったので、どうにか有効活用できないかなと考えたのがきっかけです。 Today we started collecting foreign coins for donating Unicef Japan. I sometimes see someone’s coin left in their beds when I am cleaning them up. Of course they never come back to our hostel for it, nor even know that. Let’s get involved to the Change for Good program […]

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Hair Donation!!

こんにちは。オーナーのはづきです。 Hi, I’m the owner, Hazz. 輪ゴムで束にしてバッサリ断髪してもらったのは、今回初めてヘアドネーション(医療用かつらのための人毛寄付)をするため。大阪まで届け、わたしの黒髪直毛ロン毛! It’s my first time to donate my HAIR. I’m so excited to know I can support somebody with hair-troubles by their disease with my own hair. It will be used to make medical wigs for kids. しかし最低必要長さが31cmってなかなかハードル高い! I think, however, it’s really difficult for us to donate our […]

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Evergreen survey!!

Q:What makes you feel “Oh, this is JAPANESE!” or “Oh..I’m now in JAPAN!” ? どんなものが「日本っぽい!」「あ~自分はいま日本に居るんだな」と感じさせる? *Taking off the shoes. 靴を脱ぐこと。 *Seeing people wearing yukatas.浴衣を着た人を見たとき。 *Karaage set meal. 唐揚げ定食。 *Seeing so many bycicles and beautiful cars.すごいたくさんの自転車と綺麗な車を見るとき。 *Me llevo una gran aleguna de esta gente tan amable, y respetuoso con el visitante.人々がとても親切で礼儀正しい *Wearing towels in their bags […]

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Daily post

Preparing lots of pillow cases listening to my favorite music. It is not a difficult work but takes a bit to finish as we usually have to do that with more 40. まったりスガシカオを聴きながらラウンジで大量の枕カバーを畳んでいます… 40枚とかやるの、地味に時間がかかるんですよね。 On this day, I was interviewed by Japan Finance Corporation which accepted my hostel business plan. Sarita, Wei and I were […]

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#4 EvergreenPeople

#4 EvergreenPeople Today’s guest, Francesc from Spain, wrote my first name “HAZUKI” in Arabic. I’m so excited to see it because it’s really rare to see Arabic in my Japanese daily life. What’s more, it’s my own name! Wow. Seems really dificult for me…. It is a little designed, rather than a normal letters. But […]

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#2 EvergreenPeople

‪#‎EvergreenPeople‬ Guests from Israel. He wears nice T-shirt everyday…(yesterday “Iron Man” was drawn. ) Now it’s about time they arrive at Tokyo by express bus…Keep enjoying;) イスラエルからのお客様はたしか2組目。2泊してから東京へ夜行バスで向かいました〜🚌 長旅お疲れ様! ‪#‎EvergreenPeople‬ 陳-san and friends coming from Taiwan with their bike. Have a safe trip:) 台湾から3人組。1ヶ月かけて日本でチャリを存分に楽しむ予定だそうで、まだ4日目。今日は岡山まで行くらしい✨た…楽しそーーー!