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Feedback left by Workawayer (Maya)

18/03/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Maya) If I had to describe this hostel in one word it would be: Family During my long travel I was always searching for a bit of home. Well I fount it. At first it’s hard to know who is a guest and who is a staff because everyone talk […]

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Feedback left by Workawayer (Christopher)

22/12/2017 Feedback left by Workawayer (Christopher) Hazuki was fantastic to work for and around, she is a very caring and understanding person and made me feel so welcome during my time at her hostel. This was my first workaway experience and it was great, along with being a fantastic host the hostel itself housed many […]

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My Trip in Hiroshima

My Trip in Hiroshima Written by Jenny 30 days ago, when I just reached this city, everything looks very interesting. The anime poster on the wall, cars and tram on the road, the kanji that looks familiar and similar to Chinese words, impressive toilet which is clean and multifunction, every single thing caught my attention. […]

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Let’s go for a drive to Miyoshi!

Let’s go for a drive to Miyoshi! Hi, I’m Danny. It’s getting cooler, particularly in the mornings and evenings. I especially like the clear high sky in autumn. Today, I’d like to talk about the short drive to Miyoshi, a city next to Hiroshima. At first, I was surprised at its kanji, “三次” (kanji is […]

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こんにちは。はづきです。 先日会社のもと同期であるアラサー男子3人が泊まりに来てくれました!!ありがたい!! 混雑した路面電車でうっかり降り遅れてしまうハプニングもあったようですが(わたしも広島ビギナーの時はよくやりました笑)、1泊2日でガッツリと広島観光を楽しんでもらえたようです。 I asked them to write some objective information of Hiroshima because they came all the way from Tokyo!  Well, they are all interesting!   【Okonomiyaki】 ◯Because there are many kinds of okonomiyaki, it’s very difficult to choose which to eat.  I want the restaurant to emphasize its strong points.  I don’t care […]

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きょうはEIKOさんにRosaとGilbertoを紹介しました。 Today I introduced Rosa and Gilberto to Eiko-san! Yaayyy! +++ EIKOさんは本川町20Tのオーナーさんです。レンタルキッチンで月1で各国料理の会を開催していて、プレゼンターを探してました。 エバーグリーンStaffとぜひコラボしてほしい💕(=私はいろいろな国のものが食べたい💕)なんといいチャンスでしょう。 She is an owner of a rental kitchen in Honkawa-cho (very close from hostel), is looking for someone who can cook their country’s typical dish. She organize an international dinner party once a month and she wants to find a new presenter to help […]

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Volunteering in a Hostel

Volunteering in a Hostel Is not been long since I start working in a hostel in Hiroshima here in Japan and is a totally new experience for me, new in a good way, short time but I feel like this is an experience I want to share with you. One of the most common questions […]



BUDGET TRAVELER’S DAY IN HIROSHIMA Hiroshima is a city with an interesting but horrifying history and it should be on every traveler’s visit list. Thanks to good and fast train connections, traveling inside Japan is convenient and easy. Hiroshima is reachable by train only in five hours from Tokyo. The most common way to travel […]

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X’mas party

Yesterday we had a 2016 X’mas party Small but such a good party. Thank you for coming. きのうX’mas partyしました。こぢんまりとした、ジモティもゲストもまったりと交流できるいい時間でした。来てくださった方、どうもありがとうございます。

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Japan Cheapest Family Restaurant – Saizeriya

先日久しぶりにサイゼリアに行ったんですよ…..アルコールなしだと、2人で合計3,000円超えるのがやっと という感じですね。恐ろしいコストパフォーマンスだなあとつくづく感じました。しかも今回は異様に料理の提供スピードが速く、腰を抜かしました。笑 Do you know Saizeriya? It’s a chain of family restaurants in Japan featuring an Italian menu. Their menu prices are extremely cheap and service is incredibly fast. Here’s example; – pasta – 390~700 yen – big steak  – 1000 yen – glass of wine – from 100 yen!!! – 500ml wine -399yen!! 以前はよく友人と「サイゼ飲み」、やってました。なんてったってグラスワイン1杯100円ですからね…..ボトル1本1000円という驚異的金額のワインあり、甘くて飲みやすいロゼのスパークリングワインあり。なんじゃこの天国…ちなみに飲みきれなかったらボトルごとテイクアウト可能らしい!(これは友人情報) You can […]