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#1 EvergreenPeople

こんにちは。ときどきゲストの方の写真を撮ったりしている葉月です。 Hi, thank you for reading this. I’m HAZZ, the owner. I sometimes take a photo of the guests. ‪#‎EvergreenPeople‬ Duncan:Have you had Irish guests before? Me:Yap! Duncan:mm… How about cyclists? Me:Ah.. There’s some Japanese guy and a girl from Canada who came here by their bike. But you’re the first Irish cyclist! Now he’s […]

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My background

Hello, it’s me, the Evergreen Hostel owner, Hazuki.   Since construction for the rooms isn’t really going as planned, I thought I’d write a bit about my work history. So, as a bit of a spoiler, I’ll just say that this is pretty much about a working woman in her 30’s who recently moved to […]

First Blog

Hello, I am the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL, Hazuki. The Sakura (cherry blossoms) are beautiful right now. Well, time for my first blog post, what should I write…?  ■About me I was born in Tokyo, but because of my family`s work I moved around a lot. Every two to three years I would move, mainly […]