Heavenly Bagels

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Heavenly Bagels

Hi there! This is Hazuki, owner of the Evergreen Hostel.

I’m shocked.

I never knew bagels could be this delightful!😋🌟

Up until now, the bagels I’ve been eating were always dried out or too firm… but what’s a bagel’s texture actually supposed to be like? With this uncertainty in mind, I simply began avoiding bagels altogether. If I think about it, I must have only bought a bagel once or twice. (I’m going slightly off-topic, but I’ve had the same issue with Belgian waffles. I just have no reference of their correct texture!)

“How about this one topped with cranberry and cream cheese…” As she said this, my friend S. who always likes to share food, handed me over a bagel. There was an almost incredible heft to it. The feeling was similar to that time when I held a friend’s baby, who was so kawaii~ and unbelievably chubby and plump.

As I was eating the bagel, my head was so much up in the clouds that I forgot to take a picture.

This is the bagel shop ↓

Do please try if you are lucky enough to get one from them!(They always close earlier as they sell all bagels for the day)


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