Feedback left by Workawayer (Maya)

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Feedback left by Workawayer (Maya)

Feedback left by Workawayer (Maya)
If I had to describe this hostel in one word it would be: Family
During my long travel I was always searching for a bit of home. Well I fount it. At first it’s hard to know who is a guest and who is a staff because everyone talk to everyone like a big family and friends. You will never want to get out because you’ll have to many people to talk to and laugh with. Hazuki and all the rest of the staff are warm and nice. The work is easy and agreeable and you always have someone to make it even better. I loved Hiroshima before but now I know I have a home and a family waiting for me to come back. I made true friends over there and I made tons of great memory. I can’t wait to see them all again and to be back in my piece of heaven. And in the mean while I’ll cherish every hour I spend with those great people. I know I’ll never lose their friendship and even if I come back in ten years it’ll be like I never left.
If you had to chose only one job in Japan go there. You’ll have it all. The Japanese experience and the feeling that you never left home.
Thank you Hazuki and all for this month with you. I’ll come back for sure.


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