Hostel Making Story5

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Hostel Making Story5

Hi, I am Hazuki, the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.  I’m writing how this hostel was made based on the writings that I had accumulated in the past.


■ July 23rd, 2015  Introduced the first property

Mr. N, department manager, sent me an email at once.  How fast!

“I’ve attached a property information.  I’m not sure the room is big enough to put all the beds as desired, but I think it’s quite good.  It’s located within walking distance of downtown of Hiroshima and Peace Memorial Park.  I think the size of the property is perfect to keep the initial cost low.  I hope you’ll like it.”


Mm.  I’m not familiar with this area, but I noticed that this place was very convenient at once.  This was because a lot of national chain hotels are located nearby.  In other words, it’s easily accessible.  Many guest houses are located a bit far from the stations, so I thought our hostel would have a special strength if it was located in the place that is easy to find or easy to access.

The building is two-stories high and you have to rent the whole building.  The scale of the building is over 100 square meters.  (In fact, having an area of 100 square meters is very important.  I’ll write about it sometime soon.)  I thought it’s very useful because you can separate the common space and guest rooms between 1st floor and 2nd floor.

Yeah, this property looks good.  Just like Mr. N, I’m grateful to him for helping me.


I started to create the rough layout of the hostel and estimate the cost based on the layout.  I’m used to these kinds of stuff because my current job is development of hotels.  So, it’s my strong area.


■ August 27th, 2015  My birthday and our wedding anniversary

Happy 28th birthday to me!
And congratulations on our wedding!!

We registered our marriage.

By the way, it was a clear day.  My husband said “I knew it, but you’re a sun bringer (a person who brings a clear and fine day whenever she goes out).”


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