[Tourism]What’s the Flower festival in Hiroshima?

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[Tourism]What’s the Flower festival in Hiroshima?

Hello , I am Hazuki  , the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.


This is my first time to stay in Hiroshima in Golden week (GW : Japanese long holiday).
I have been wondering how I can enjoy the time in Hiroshima this time of year, since all prefecture in Japan has many different events to attract visitors.
So I found a perfect event for GW in Hiroshima, so-called “the Flower festival “, which has been held for 40 years.


I made a movie for those who never been to Hiroshima Flower festival, so please check it out!!

This annual festival mainly takes place along Hiroshima Peace Boulevard for three days from 3rd till 5th of May.

It surprises me that over 1,600,000 people has visit the festival and makes it one of the biggest festival in Japan.

There are main events in this festival, a float decorated with many flowers and the parade by Hiroshima citizens in 3rd of May, lastly Kinsai Yosakoi ( Unique style of dance originated in Japan) in 5th of May. During the festival other than the parade time, Hiroshima Peace Boulevard becomes a large pedestrian zone and packed with full of visitors.

(I am afraid that the movie above does not include the parade)

Besides those main events, over 30 stages are set up for special performances by dancers, singers, local student’s music clubs and Jazz bands. It is a very livery place with great music. I was very happy to get such a chance to see those live performances by those music band (brass band and jazz band).

Each stages have flower names (ex: “rose stage”).  You can actually see the real beautiful flowers everywhere in this festival and that was incredibly beautiful.

(By the way, the main stage located in the center of Peace Memorial Park called “ Carnation stage”)


For your information, GW in Hiroshima is believed to have at least one rainy day. It was very strong rain yesterday so I wonder it must have been hard for those who performed at stages.


How are your golden week holidays going? (GW ha doudesu?)

(Hiroshima people always say “~ desu?” in the last of sentence when usually say “~desuka?”)


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