Miyajima: More to see than just the Tori gate.

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Miyajima: More to see than just the Tori gate.

Miyajima: More to see than just the Tori gate.  by Simon

So you’ve come to Miyajima to see the famous Tori gate and now you are wondering what else to see? Luckily there are plenty of other things to do! Here are just three examples. 

Climb Mt Misen and Komagabayashi Peak1589193364965

The top of Mount Misen is a very popular destination. You can even take the rope way to the top. But let’s hike! The easiest route starts next to the Daishoin Temple (which you should check out!). It’s mostly stairs all the way to the top. Easy! 

At the top you’ll find a little rest house with a viewing platform that gives you a great view of the bay and it’s island. It also has a toilet and Wi-Fi! 

Once you enjoyed the view you could head back down but I recommend walking to Komagabayashi Peak. It’s only a short walk away and less crowded than Misen. A great place for lunch! 

1589193362403Now let’s head back to the ferry terminal. Follow the signs to Ohmoto Park. This place is especially beautiful during cherry blossoms season.

Go to the beach

Most people will turn right after leaving the ferry and head straight to the main attraction. There are however good reasons to turn left. Beaches! That’s right, there are nice beaches on Miyajima. The first big one is about 3km from the ferry terminal. You just need to follow the road to get there. 

If you are looking for a quieter beach follow the road for another 3km to a beach with a little shrine on it. 1589193342351

Hike around the entire island via Iwafunedake

If you are feeling adventurous and have a lot of time you can hike around the entire island. Be warned though that this is a very long hike (more than 35km!) and the trail is not always easy to follow. Bring a map!

I would recommend starting early in the morning and walking counter clockwise. Follow the road towards the botanical gardens and then always stick to the trail that hugs the coast. Eventually you will reach the western coast of the island. There’s a nice beach here where you can take a break and maybe go for a swim. 

From here head up to Iwafunedake Peak. This is the most difficult section of the hike. The path is steep and overgrown. If you are lucky you might run into a tanuki in the forest or even spot one of the few remaining monkeys. 

After reaching the peak and enjoying the view you have to walk another 1.5k untilthe path splits. Choose the path leading down and to the right to head to southern coast. You’ll soon reach the road that will lead you back to ferry terminal.


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