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Staff information

■ Current situation *️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️Updated 26/2/2020

Arrival:15th January 2021
It might sound crazy, but we are full til then!

Email to HAZUKI: hazz0827@gmail.com

We get many requests weekly, which is awesome. We enjoy hosting volunteers but we just haven’t got enough beds to offer everyone an opportunity. Please apply at least 3 months ahead. Do please check our calendar first. Arranged dates of your stay is usually very far from now, so we consider the communication through smooth messaging is quite important.

■ Our goals = We want every day to be a new day for our guests!
– QUIET and comfortable stay for every single guests in dorms
– FUN and pleasure in communication with our guests in shared lounge

■ We are looking for someone…
-who is friendly with natural smiles, quiet, and can take the lead or initiative in communication with our guests
(The most important thing is to show your genuine hospitality to every single guests. No loud parties allowed. )
-who has an attitude to learn basic Japanese
(We will teach you how to deal with Japanese check in, of course! Let’s practice together.)
-who is always tidy and clean
-who can write or who is used to post on SNS
-who likes exploring the city and sharing your experiences
(I am happy to see our staffs are relaxed in my place, but in general everyone is getting lazy not going out nor exploring the city. If you’re doing couch potato thing all the time, why don’t you do that in your own home? I would love to welcome active people here!)

■ Minimum period
FULL 5 weeks at least, up to 12 weeks.
-Longer term or working holiday visa holders are preferred.
-We try to make days off consecutive so that you can make a small trip during your stay.
-We will also provide free night prior to the first working day!

■ Help needed: Cleaning and Reception
Hours: 11:00-17:00 (3 hours break included)
-Cleaning, bed making and reception.
-Writing travel blogs and posting SNS featuring your own experiences. (at least 2 English articles during your stay are expected.)
-Helping organizing event ( for example, “English Night” for locals)
Always other staff is in a hostel and we’ll help you.

So if you think yourself to be SOCIAL AND SUPER SELF-MOTIVATED, then let us hear from you:)

Email to HAZUKI: hazz0827@gmail.com

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