Feedback left by Workawayer (Adam)

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Feedback left by Workawayer (Adam)

Feedback left by Workawayer (Adam) 
Working with Hazuki and the staff at the hostel was a major highlight of my travels in Japan.
I highly recommend to anyone looking for a Workaway position in Japan to come to Hiroshima and help at this hostel. The location is great – everything you need is very nearby and if you’d like to venture further off, there is a bike available for staff. Truly unlike any other hostel I’ve been to, The hostel is truly warm and welcoming. You can rest easy being here. Hazuki is a fantastic host that brings on very kind staff that well represent the hostel, and people that come are always respectful, clean, and fun to hang out with! I can’t understate the importance of building relationships with other people while traveling – it gives each day meaning and memories! The friends I’ve made from working at this hostel I will remember for my lifetime. I had a unique position as a blogger for the hostel and it made my travels have more purpose because I could truly reflect on what I had experienced and share it with others. Between coffee tastings, late nights of karaoke, playing card games with staff and guests, communal dinners, and many other adventures, I was very happy to be there.
Thank you Hazuki for providing this position for me and for being such a kind and good hearted host!

To sum it up:
The hostel is a two minute walk from a grocery store, five minute walk to a 24hr fitness center, seven minute walk to Sento (public bath), ten minute walk from downtown, and all the while surrounded by friendly people and lovely scenery. A month in Hiroshima will fly by faster than a Shinkansen! 🙂


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