Preparing matcha by myself

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Preparing matcha by myself

Hi, I’m Danny. It’s getting colder these days. Hot drinks keep you warm this time of year. I went to a café to drink matcha green tea on a cool rainy Sunday♪

The name of the café is Hachidori-sha.


There is a kotatsu (a low table with an electric heater installed underneath and covered by a blanket)♡

Here, you can order and drink matcha. I had never learned how to prepare matcha before. However, I knew how to do it and managed to do it somehow.
I enjoyed preparing matcha by myself! Matcha was good enough to drink!

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They teach us not only how to prepare matcha, but also the history of matcha and how to prepare matcha to the guests. It’s nice that you can do it, sitting on a chair, not kneeling formally. It’s hard to kneel formally for a long time! Lunch is reasonably priced and look delicious.

This was my first time to visit Hachidori-sha. The café is known as “social book café” and they provide the place to talk about the things you forget when you are busy. They hold events such as a live broadcast of Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and a study session regarding garbage issue. Personally speaking, I want to take a part in an event called “Oh no, it’s already aging society.”
The title is nice!

I participated a session called “the secret of chocolate” on the day I visited the café, and it was very interesting.


They showed me the cocoa pod and cocoa bean. I caught a glimpse what lies beyond the things from the picture book. I feel like I started to see things differently.

It may be nice to think about the modern society or the environment, sitting warm under the kotatsu and drinking matcha.


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