Mariho Aquarium

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Mariho Aquarium

Hi, I’m DannyI was finally able to go to Mariho Aquarium.

Since it was shortly before Halloween, the entrance of the aquarium was decorated for Halloween. Pumpkins at the entrance.
A huge whale wearing a pumpkin outfit was really eye-catching. I was impressed by its outfit because I think it’s very difficult to prepare such a huge one! (lol)


I was able to enter the aquarium without waiting, but you might have to wait for a while depending on the time and situation.
You need to wait outside, so you’d better bring something to put on to make you warm on a cold day. Bring something to keep you cool on a hot day, too.

OK, let’s go inside☆

I thought the entrance was the only place decorated for Halloween. However, pumpkins were located inside the water tanks, too.
It was my first time to see an aquarium like this. (lol)


The decorations must be bothering fish…(^^;)
But I was happy that the staff at the aquarium entertain the visitors like this.

The tank of sardines was the best part of the aquarium.
They looked delicious. Just kidding….


There was a small zone of jellyfishes. I could enjoy the feeling of floating here.
What I enjoyed the most was the zone called “Uneru Keiryu no Mori.”


The display was built outside by laying stones. They recreated the rapid stream by pumping water. The visitors see the way the fish swim from inside.
It was my first time to see this!
They built a display outside!! It was interesting.

The water flows really fast.
Fish swim against the current with all its might.
I was able to see the great strength of fish.

A tank of an abundant colony of spotted garden eels, which swims vertically.


They were extending their heads out one after another.
I wondered their overall lengths.
What surprised me most was the tank near the exit.


The crab was dressing up! It was wearing an orange hat!
The staff probably had a hard time putting a hat on a crab. Thanks for the hard work.
And the crab, I know it’s stressful to put such a thing. I appreciate your effort….

When I came out of the aquarium decorated for Halloween, I found carp near the exit.
That’s Hiroshima.


A souvenir shop is just ahead.
You don’t need to enter the aquarium to get to the shop. It’s worth visiting.

I thought the opening hours are long since the aquarium is aimed at adults to refresh…
However, it closes at 8:00 pm during summer. (The entrance gate closes at 7:45 pm.)
It’s too bad that someone in full time employment can’t go out on a date after his or her work, but it extends the opening hours every Friday.


Furthermore, you can drink alcohol at the aquarium.
Make a toast at the aquarium at night… How romantic♪
There was a place to sit in front of a big tank, so it may be nice to space out there.

You can guess from the admission fee, but you can look around the aquarium within 30 minutes since the aquarium is small.
I think it’s better to visit here on your way to go somewhere else!



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