I went to a Carp baseball game!

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I went to a Carp baseball game!

I went to a Carp baseball game!

Hi, I’m Danny★The Central League Climax Series is getting exciting these days.
People around me are looking forward for the sales at the department stores, which celebrates the victory of the team or appreciates the support of the team….

The empty streetcars ran in the city only to celebrate the championship of the Central League.


The elegant dancers wore uniforms of Hiroshima.

The whole city got excited and everyone saw how the game would go.
I was amazed at people’s love for Carp. Since I live in Hiroshima, I decided to enjoy the atmosphere. (lol)
I made a piece of red soap, which is the color of Carp♪


I went to a baseball game held in Mazda Stadium on October 18th, which was the first day of Climax Series! (Surprisingly, I drew the winning ticket….!)

I bought uniforms of Carp for all members of my family!
However, I’m a housewife and I’m the one holding the purse strings, I thought it was a waste of money to buy them. It was because I don’t know when I can go to see the game next time. So, I bought red and white striped T-shirts.
Because the part of the T-shirt is red, it looks like the uniform of Carp!

As I expected, it rained the day of the game.
I didn’t know whether the game would be called off because of the rain, so I decided to go to the stadium.

I was spoken to by middle-aged women in the train like “Are you going to see the game?” “How nice!” ”But today’s game is going to be tough due to the rain.”
I felt a sense of superiority. People in Hiroshima had deep interest in the game.

I thought the food stands inside the stadium were crowded and I had to wait in a long line to buy fast food, so I bought light meal on the way to the stadium.
But, don’t worry!
There are a wide variety of food stands inside the stadium. You can buy your light meal at the stadium.

There are some rare meals that are sold only on the day of the game, so please check them out!

Bread sold at Andersen (the name of the bakery) looks like a hat of Carp


My partner was ashamed of wearing a uniform from his house, so he wore his uniform at the station near the stadium. However, there were a lot of people wearing uniforms on the train. The street from the station to the stadium was crowded with people wearing red clothes.


The convenience store in red


The utility hole in red


There were a small decorative paper ball and a message board to the baseball players, etc. in the stadium.

The view from the seats was spectacular.


There were a small decorative paper ball and a message board to the baseball players, etc. in the stadium.

The view from the seats was spectacular.


Many people wore raincoats, so that’s the reason why the view was red.
Red is the color associated with fight.
I heard that wearing red clothes makes you feel the adrenaline flow☆

And the game started.

It was my first time to watch the professional baseball game. People who have seen the games of other teams told me that the cheer for Carp has a sense of unity.

A sense of unity?
I wondered, but I understood the reason after a while.

The rooter’s song was easy to remember, so I think I can sing out loud next time.
I did high fives with people around me after singing!
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big fan of Carp for a long time or not!!
Everyone cheers, and everyone gets excited when the team gets a score.
It called up memories of my younger days when everyone worked together toward one goal…
Everyone wanted Carp to win the game. I enjoyed a sense of unity!!


I understand the rules of baseball, but I didn’t know who took the active part in the today’s game. However, I want to come and see the game again.
Unfortunately, the game was called in the bottom of the fifth inning. It was good that Carp won the first game.


I left for home after having a red helmet ice cream, which is one of the famous things in the stadium.
The ice cream was very delicious maybe because the team won the game♡



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