Hostel Making Story14

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Hostel Making Story14

Hi.  I am Hazuki, the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.  I’m writing how this hostel was made based on the writings that I had accumulated in the past.


■ October 19th, 2015  A design for the hostel came

A design came.


A design came.


I felt like jumping for joy.

No matter how much I tried hard to make a design, I could make a rough draft by using an existing design with inserting graphics on Power Point.

I finally got a “real” design by CAD with the help from someone.

Gee, it was so happy!


Furthermore, the reality of calculating things is totally different when the design is ready.


■ October 24th, 2015  Let’s decide the property!

The rough estimate of the two properties came.


“They rolled my eyes up into my head.”  …The moment you certainly experience when you choose a property.

  1. I know. The first rough estimate is absolutely the maximum amount.  (Although I understood this, I couldn’t help rolling my eyes back for a while.)


I brought my thoughts back under control and took a cold look at them.  The important thing came up to my mind.

The fact that “one property wasn’t extremely cheaper than the other.”

I took it for granted that Property C was much cheaper because it was smaller and you didn’t have to change the use of the building.


So, I want to choose the property that is a good first impression and in a good location.  It confounded my prediction (in a good sense).


“I want to choose Property B because the shopping street is nice and attractive.  Also I could have an image of greeting foreigner guests with whole community.

I like its first impression of the popish exterior and the atmosphere of the interior of the building.

However, changing the use of the building costs much time and money, so I may have to choose Property C in real life.”

I imagined this kind of story to happen.

Well, let’s review the two properties that I saw the other day.


【Property B】The building has a floor space of 40 tsubo (1 tsubo is 3.3 square meters)

The first tenant of the property was a hair salon and the next was a private nursery school.

The light-colored floor, wall and ceiling of the school remain the same.

Some parts of the property are deteriorated, but I can put in double-decker beds as it is now.

The exterior of the building is light appearance.  There is an osteopathic clinic on the first floor.

I’m not sure about the tenant owner’s way of thinking about a lease.

He or she is not in a hurry to looking for a tenant although it is empty for a while.


【Property C】The building has a floor space of 33 tsubo

The property was once an office and had a stark atmosphere.  The carpet of the floor is turned upside down.

I can’t put beds as it is now.

Moreover, the wallpaper is severely deteriorated, so I have to hang new wallpaper in the room.

Property C looks the same as the other ordinary condominiums nearby.  There is an office on the first floor.

If you put out the sign outside the building, it may create the atmosphere, but you’ll never know there’s a hostel inside.

However, the owner is very cooperative.  (He or she doesn’t want to keep the property unoccupied and wants to lease the property as soon as possible.)


It costs a lot according to the condition of the floor, wall and ceiling.

OK, it’s going to be on your test.


It costs a lot according to the condition of the floor, wall and ceiling.


The reason why Property B and Property C have the same amount of estimate is the current condition of Property C.

If not a skeleton condition (it’s a condition with no equipment such as bare concrete, etc.)…

Anyway, I must reduce costs significantly, for more than 30% at the end…  (this rolled my eyes up into my head again.)

Though, it’s definite that it is a big step forward.


And Mr. Miyazaki is kind.

“I’ll make a suggestion by making it a goal to ●●● ten thousand yen.”

I got an email from god-like being, Mr. Miyazaki.


THE EVERGREEN HOSTELのオーナー・はづきです。 The owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.Thank you for reading our blog.