Hostel Making Story 7

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Hostel Making Story 7

Hi, I am Hazuki, the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL. I’m writing how this hostel was made based on the writings that I had accumulated in the past.
■2015/9/23 –I am going to go to Hiroshima.
Although my moving to Hiroshima is far ahead, I happened to deliver my motorcycle by myself. (I just have bee to Hokkaido for a long tour at the beginning of September…). This is only because it will be hustling if I drive such a long distance in winter, November or December. First of all, the motorcycle I am driving is YAMAHA SR400. For one-cylinder, it has much vibrations. If I run for one hour, my hands and legs will be numbed. (Omitted) But, I really love my motorcycle….♡

Well, if I go to Hiroshima, definitely I am going to see the property! …So, I decided to cast seeds of my business. I am going to talk with Mr. N of the real-estate company. I am going to call him; I got to call him.

“Hi, this is Hazuki. Thank you for your business. I will be in Hiroshima starting tomorrow for a couple of days. Is it possible to see the property that you introduced to me the other day? Also, if you have some others, I would like to see them. Do you have?”

■2015/9/25 –A Brand new opened hostel?
I am going to see Mr. N of the real-estate company for a long time. It’s a kind of a short norice, but he will show me the target property tomorrow.

Mr. N: “And also, would like to see the hostel-will-be to open?”
Me: “Yes! Certainly I do.”
I borrowed a bicycle from them and headed toward there.
The hostel Mr. N mentioned was “Santiago guest house Hiroshima”.  It seemed they opened the second guesthouse in Hiroshima following the one in Kyoto occupying three floors in the building.


“It must be a tough job to modify the property usage for this big size,” Mr. N and Me were in front t of the building looking up the structure at a loss. We browsed the building how much the renovation proceeded. The building was almost like a skeleton, having done nothing.


When I came back from the upstairs, I found Mr. N talking was talking with a man who was holding many paper works in front of the building. What a coincident: the man was the person who was in charge of interior and design for Santiago. I introduced myself and asked him how everything was going. Since this kind of business was not common in Hiroshima yet, I clearly saw they had a tough time negocating with the authority.


“The fire department of Naka-ku, Hiroshima is very tough. The owner would like to install the curtain for each room like the capsule hotels do. However the fire department asked very specific detailed guidance to the materials and the way installation.”


I was at a loss a little, and then the day ended. But, I would say I came up with very informative story.

Maybe I have a good fortune about people because I happened to see the important person in front of the building…


By the say, after visiting Santiago, I stopped by the public health department. They gave me very attentive instructions about some regulations to follow based on the hotel business act and other related laws.

She was very quick turning, easy and simple to understand, and very sophisticated. And, she had the same name as mine!! It is unusually to see the same name person, so we both were amazed.


How can I say: definitely I have a strong good fortune about people….


Well, it was a big day. Because I cannot come to Hiroshima so often, I have to do many things intensely.


THE EVERGREEN HOSTELのオーナー・はづきです。 The owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.Thank you for reading our blog.