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Three LCCs that Fly from Hiroshima

Hi, I’m Hazuki, the owner of the hostel! Let me introduce you to three LCCs that fly from Hiroshima. What on earth is an LCC?! Sorry to keep you waiting: LCC is the abbreviation of Low-Cost Carrier. In other words, these are airlines that are significantly cheaper than many major airlines. Some examples of such major airlines […]

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Vegan in Japan

Written by Kara Coming to Japan as a vegan was daunting. I didn’t know the language and wasn’t sure how much veganism was understood here. I considered taking a break from being vegan during my time in Japan, but the thought distressed me. I discovered very quickly that the concept of veganism is not well-understood […]

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8 (Ate) Types of Japanese Men

8 (Ate) Types of Japanese Men written by Kara I wrote a piece on condiments being used to describe Japanese men’s face and thought the concept pretty funny. I also learned of another way in which Japanese women categorise men based on personality and dating style, again using food to describe them. There are numerous different […]

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Saucy Japanese Men

Saucy Japanese Men written by Kara I’ve come across a couple amusing concepts relating Japanese men to food. Condiments have been used to describe men’s faces, and food or diet to describe their personalities.A Japanese friend of mine posed this question to another friend, “do you prefer sugar, miso, soy sauce or salty face?” Of […]

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Written by Kara What’s common sense in Japan certainly isn’t common sense in Australia. It’s interesting to reflect on what comes “natural” to us, and how strange we see someone when “the obvious” doesn’t occur to them. Well, I’ve realised that there is no “obvious”, just what we’ve learned and likely never questioned. To demonstrate […]

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Currently we’re raising money for preparing long term war toward the Virus since the situation of tourism is now facing the disaster. We’ve already raised 80%, but we’re trying to make it to double by May 10th. Even a small donation would help us reach my goal. I plan to use the money to keep […]

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Gyūdon Hi. This is Hazuki, owner of the hostel. I’ve already written posts on the surprisingly wide variety of cheap restaurants in Japan. Italian: “Saizeriya” Japanised Chinese: “Gyōza no Ohsho” Other: Urban Chinese Today, I decided to write a long-awaited (?) post on Japan’s beef bowls: gyūdon  With its remarkable simplicity, this bowl of rice seasoned […]

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Glide Away at the Hiroshin Big Wave! 【Ice skating in Hiroshima】

Hi there. This is Hazuki, the owner of the hostel. I went ice skating at the Hiroshin Big Wave! While it’s a 50 m indoor swimming pool in summer, it transforms into an ice skating rink during wintertime. The building is located directly outside Astram Line Ushita Station. A nearby park and playground offer ample […]