Rethinking what’s good about our hostel

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Rethinking what’s good about our hostel

This is Hazuki, the owner!

Today, I want to think back about what it is that makes our hostel so great. It’s now been three years since we opened and that’s all the more reason to reflect… and in those three years, I’ve come to realise many things.

1. We have non-wobbly beds

Our beds are 100% original. These beds were made by a carpenter and are not for sale in, say, an ℑℰ. If you ask me what’s so good about them, it’s simple: they just will not shake. That’s why when someone climbs a ladder up or down from an upper bed, the person in the bed below isn’t woken up by any creaking noise.

This is the complete opposite of some sour experiences I had in several places around South-East Asia (wink wink).

In many of those hostels, the beds were of a two-floor construction, made up of thin metal pipes that were very shaky. All the creaking, it’s so unbearable… is what I thought, so I had these beds made.

2. We have a well-equipped kitchen

There is an IH cooking stove. The kitchen is fully equipped with tableware. Basic ingredients such as soy sauce and oil are provided. And if you want to use our rice cooker, go right ahead (don’t forget to buy some rice though). In short: we have all you need. A can opener. Knives. A cutting board. Cups and cutlery.  “Do you have a scraper for wasabi?” is about the only unfulfilled request I can remember. Sorry folks, that’s something we don’t have. But it seems you can buy it at the 100-yen shop just next door.

We even offer plastic and aluminium foil, can you believe that? Just make sure to properly wash everything before putting it back~!

By the way, in most hostels in the area, there is no kitchen. Many vegetarian and vegan guests in particular have told me our kitchen is a blessing for when they want to prepare something for themselves. Finding a restaurant to eat out can be hard for them!

At our place (hostel), which attracts many European and American backpackers, most people either love to eat bread with a thick layer of jam spread on top, or a good bowl of cereal for breakfast. We of course have Asian visitors too, but many of them surprisingly like to have a cup ramen to start their day. You know, the kind that looks very heavy to eat for breakfast. But it’s lovely to see all this variety every morning. Bon appétit !


3. We provide many additional services

When owner Hazuki’s there, there’s so much that can be done for you (even if I do say so myself).

Example A — You want to reserve a ticket for an express bus? We do it all for you, except for the settlement by card, since reserving a bus ticket in Japan can be a bit tough. Even Japanese get irritated sometimes because of the difficult process (haha).

Example B — We do simple single-colour gel nails for ¥500. Enhance your femininity and enjoy your travels even more (having pretty nails helps with all the travel pics you’re sure to take)!


Doing some nails to a German guestvivid yellow on her nails looks awesome! 広島DAYを楽しんでね~ ●●● Thank you very much for staying us and fun time! Hope you enjoy 120% rest of your trip. ●●● Thank you for Like, ️Comment and Follow. #hostelworld #hostel #travel #passionpassport #lonelyplanet #traveller #hostellife #travelblog #socialenvy #tourism #travelling #instatravelling #nails #nails #nailstagram #nailsofinstagram #nailsinspiration #nailsnailsnails #nailstyle #nails2inspire #nailsalon #nail #nailart #gelnails ●●● THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL, Hiroshima JAPAN Only 5 minutes walk from the world famous “Atomic Bomb Dome”

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Good morning nails to French girlsRed color is always nice. 短い爪にビビッドな赤色ってめちゃめちゃかわいい。2人でお揃いの色。最後の広島DAYを楽しんでね~ ●●● Thank you very much for staying us and fun time! Hope you enjoy 120% rest of your trip.インターンシップも頑張って✪ ●●● Thank you for Like, ️Comment and Follow. #hostelworld #hostel #travel #passionpassport #lonelyplanet #traveller #hostellife #travelblog #socialenvy #tourism #travelling #instatravelling #nails #nails #nailstagram #nailsofinstagram #nailsinspiration #nailsnailsnails #nailstyle #nails2inspire #nailsalon #nail #nailart #gelnails ●●● THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL, Hiroshima JAPAN Only 5 minutes walk from the world famous “Atomic Bomb Dome”

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4. Talking to our multicultural staff/guests is very interesting

There’s normally foreign staff (usually two). Many of our guests are westerners. Here, Japanese are in the minority! Even though we’re in Japan! That’s quite something.

You’re not fluent in English/Japanese/any other language? You think if you’re not the communicative type, you won’t be able to build up a proper conversation? No need to worry!

Even among the westerners that come, there are always people who are introvert! Not all who come to the hostel are super-friendly party people or socialites! 😉

Also, there’s no need to force a conversation. You speak to someone only if you want. “But it’s a shared space and…” — no! Don’t fuss about it, just relax, and enjoy your stay.

However, for the Japanese among us who want to have a mini study abroad experience, coming here is almost a must. Where else can you study abroad this cheap?! You can become fluent in another language without even having to apply for a passport. Just stay here for one week, if you have it in you.

5. Check-in during early morning? No problem!

We accept check-ins from as early as 9:30. Of course, we can’t always provide you with a bed in them morning (if the guest before you hasn’t checked out or if we’re not done cleaning yet), but if you have big suitcases or bags to drop off, you are very welcome to. And when you come back late at night, there’s no more need to deal with the check-in administration.

If your bed is free, however, we’ll lead you to it right away, of course! It’s a win-win! It makes your stay more comfortable, and it reduces our check-in workload in the evening. I just love early check-ins!

Naturally, we’re not open for check-ins before 9:00, so if you arrive early by express bus for example, we’ll have to suggest spending your time having breakfast at the McDo or something like that. A hostel has its peculiarities, which is why we don’t have 24H check-in. My apologies!

6. We are very conveniently located

Just take a look at this map.We’re in a calm spot, yet perfectly located to get to the lively part of the city on foot. I still think I came across a truly amazing piece of property here.Short things short: we have it all! Isn’t this place awesome?! #proud

So don’t think twice and just come by.

To people who are considering opening a hostel too: come over and let’s talk! Life is so exciting when you have a dream. I won’t tell you not to open one in my town (even if I will think so, LOL)!

(In June I had the chance to meat someone who wanted to open a hostel in central Naha, Okinawa. We had lots of fun talking, even I got excited from hearing about their plans. Fingers crossed the dream will come true )

Wait, what was I talking about again…

Only 5 minutes walk from the world famous “Atomic Bomb Dome”


THE EVERGREEN HOSTELのオーナー・はづきです。 The owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.Thank you for reading our blog.