Feedback left by Workawayer (Martin)

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Feedback left by Workawayer (Martin)

Feedback left by Workawayer (Martin)
At first I have to say: I am sorry that my feedback come so late!

Anyway. I have been working there for nearly 3 Months. Working with Hazuki-San and Yasu-San is fun. Both are very kind, understanding and lovely. When I had any problem regardless of the matter they helped me out or gave me advices how to deal with that (for example: when I lost my passport…). And it was awesome how many different people I met there.
The hostel is a great location. Anywhere you want to go is easy to reach from there. Wether by walking or taking the tram (just 3 minutes by walking from the hostel).
The only thing I should mention here: If you want to practice your Japanese this is going to be a bit rough. Of course you can speak Japanese with Hazuki-San and Yasu-San. But since we (or I) did not have Japanese customers this is it. But on the other hand since you are in Hiroshima it is easy to meet locals and to talk with them. -This is wether good nor bad, just a hint.
This is it! I really enjoyed working and staying there. Keep it up!



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