Hostel Making Story2

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Hostel Making Story2

Hi. I am Hazuki, the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.  I am writing the story about until I opened this hostel based on the essays I have been piling up.


■2015/7 –Attained myself

I attained myself somehow.
I want to manage hostel.

I cannot decide to work for any companies; this means I cannot say either any jobs seem to be interesting or any works I want to do, in a short. This might be a good opportunity. I set aside I can do or cannot do the work. I thought about what I want to do the most. Finally, the answer I found was the conclusion: “I want to open hostel.” I fall into this conclusion many times.


I will open the hostel! I would say that rather than “I want to do!”

What will he tell me —? I cannot deny running the hostel has less security rather than working for a company. What can I do if he rejects my idea…


Honestly, I think I cannot explain 100% fully enough this kind of the feeling: “I like” or “I want to do” in verbally explicitly.
The reasons come up anyways: ”Originally, I wanted to open a hostel. Moving to Hiroshima is just a catalyst”, or “Providing a comfortable hostel so that the guests will enjoy Hiroshima sightseeing and return their home town.”

Somehow these reasons are different. It seems that they are just superficial. Probably, “I want to do it, just let me do, please!” will just fit in my feeling. In other words, this is a desire from the bottom of my heart: “I want to have my job what I like!!” I choose what I want to do, not choosing the company.


However, I cannot be a dreamer if I am happy anymore. I cannot say it is ok even if I am poor. If I fail, the family falls down also. Fortunately I have some knowledge that I have attained as a modest company worker for years. If I can open the hostel, I certainly it will be successful using all my experience so far.


Anyways, I cannot proceed further without the building. I decided to find a suitable building first and consider the business will be feasible or not.



■2015/mid July/ -First Family Talk

Long time so coming to Hiroshima. Had a Family Talk.

I brought in 30-page references (!) and explained to my husband about what I want to do, the external environment, the business strategy, marketing strategy, and scheduling is such and such. Honestly I was very nervous more than explaining to my boss in the company!


“I cannot say anything for not seeing the actual property yet, but it seems fine. I think it is fine if you can construct the scheme separating operation risk and family.”

I was so thankful of him that he did not show “What?!” attitude even if the spouse to be started saying suddenly, “Let’s start a new business”. So thankful.


Scheme that separates operation risk and family.
Scheme that separates operation risk and family.
Scheme that separates operation risk and family…

Yes, I will put this on my assignment! lol


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