Hostel Making Story1

Hostel Making Story1

Hi. I am Hazuki, the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.

I am writing the story about until I opened this hostel based on the essays I have been piling up. Now, whenever I read, these bring me back then and still I really feel my worries and uncertainty. (laugh)


I tied the knot. He is from Tokyo, but he had been living in Hiroshima for ten years already. I met him in Tokyo where there is his parents’ home. We were having long-distance relationships for two years.

It seemed that I have no interest with marriage at all, so my decision to get married made my friends a big surprise. Well, let me omit some back-stories. Anyways, I decided to get married!

Me: “Just in case, I want to make sure just in case…Getting married means we live together, doesn’t it?”
Husband: “Yes. I am planning to-.”

Ok, I am going to move to Hiroshima! (so quick!)

Even if I was proposed, I thought getting married, quitting my job, and moving to Hiroshima seemed to be a big thing. My company only has branches in Kanto area, so when I got this job, the option leaving Tokyo had already disappeared. To think myself, I had moved and changed schools so many times since I was a child. I thought moving is not a problem for me. The feeling moving to Hiroshima made me feel a big thing is simply because I did not have any experience in the western area of Japan.


How can I for my job?

Since I made a big decision (personally) leaving my job, I wanted to do something that makes me satisfied. We did not have any children yet, so I thought I couldn’t be in the house quietly. Furthermore, I enthusiastically wanted to do an interesting job that appeals to me because I do not have friends and acquaintances in Hiroshima at all.


I registered to recruiting agents, but they only sent me a cruel response and declined: “There is no position for you to fit your criteria”.

What ——!????
Why? I did not ask for so much for annual income, but Why???

(I still have no ideas…)
This was very shocking incident for me. I started to have a doubt and being pessimistic finding a job…(laugh)
Like this, I was in the deep woolly-minded for a long time.

To be continued.


THE EVERGREEN HOSTELのオーナー・はづきです。 The owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL.Thank you for reading our blog.