Exploring Okunoshima!

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Exploring Okunoshima!


Last weekend Michelle and I explored Okunoshima or also known as Rabbit Island! There are multiple ways to reach the island from Hiroshima. The most easy way is a direct bus from Hiroshima station to Tadanoumi station. This takes about two hours, and from here you can take a 15-minute ferry to the island!

The island is a true rabbit paradise! The rabbits are accustomed to humans and will come running towards you, hoping to get some snacks. On the island itself you cannot buy rabbit food so be sure to bring some along! The rabbit gift shop in Tadanoumi next to the ferry offers a selection of rabbit-friendly snacks you can bring to the island. We have also seen quite some people who brought their own rabbit food like carrots and lettuce! In addition to feeding the rabbits, remember to bring food and drinks for yourself too, as there are no stores on the island. There is one hotel on the island which has a small café and restaurant, but that’s all.

Okunoshima hasn’t always been a true rabbit paradise. In 1929 the Japanese government established a poisonous gas production facility on the island for the Japanese military to use. The factory workers (including many children) suffered life-altering injuries due to the lack of training and safety measures. You can learn more about it in the Poison Gas Museum on the island, which opened in 1988 to showcase the horrific past of the island (entrance fee is 100 yen).

Furthermore, Michelle and I explored a few of the island’s many ruins, abandoned buildings, and a lighthouse. If you walk in a steady pace you can see the island in two hours. However, if you stop at every cute rabbit you see on the way, like we did, you can spend of course much longer!


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