Mitakidera temple and hiking trail

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Mitakidera temple and hiking trail

The way from the hostel to Mitakidera temple took us around 30-40 minutes by walking. Half of the way is pretty flat but the end of it is a good uphill towards the temple.

Except winter you should be really careful not like we were with the spider nets because there are so many of them laying around everywhere even during the day and let’s not talk about the night and morning! To be honest when I was hiking up the hill in the dark for the sunrise I could not even clear everything in front of me with a stick and still a lot of it ended up on me which was not the best feeling of the early morning but it is definitely worth it after all! At least we had a coffee before 😂

In February I could see this place with slightly snow on the top of the grass, buildings, sculptures, bushes and trees .. well it was so peaceful without a single person outside of me, beautiful and mesmerizing!

The place itself contains quite a few buildings and sculptures, some of them in very interesting pose to be honest.

In the small fish pond next to one of the old building in the crystal blue water a lot of colorful fish gathered together in one spot for a warm up party or maybe it was too early even for them.

Other times I went for the hiking trail which starts almost at the end of the temple with a few stairs.

Be prepared this hiking route is not the usual well build Japanese trail! After the first small part there is no stairs, only the forest but the path is clearly visible.

From the start of the trail it takes 40-60 minutes more to reach to the top and have the best view over Hiroshima in my opinion. You even can get a sneak peak from the other side of the mountain towards the other hills.

On the way up you need to keep straight and never turn left or right when it is possible. I really recommend to keep one piece of wood in front of yourself while going up to clear the spider nets. Trust me you wont like them on your face and hair and anywhere else!

Another recommendation is to wear a good pair of shoes preferably for hiking and not for the streets because most of the part it can be really slippery and falling is not that great I can confirm from experience! 😅

After reaching the top finally you will have an amazing view all over Hiroshima let it be daytime or sunrise / sunset! All of them is beautiful!

The way back to the hostel from the top takes around 1,5-2 hours, if you are with a bike then way more faster! One of the time I was running and sliding down half of the way which was fun but not the safest idea of the day.

I liked the place so much on the first visit that I have been there three times just to visit the temple itself and hiked the mountain twice so far but I might end up there once again during my stay.

The article is written by: Zsolt Stenger

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