8 (Ate) Types of Japanese Men

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8 (Ate) Types of Japanese Men

8 (Ate) Types of Japanese Men written by Kara

I wrote a piece on condiments being used to describe Japanese men’s face and thought the concept pretty funny. I also learned of another way in which Japanese women categorise men based on personality and dating style, again using food to describe them.

There are numerous different types but these are the 8 Types of Japanese men that I find more entertaining.

1) The Carnivorous Man, or Nikushoku-Kei (nikushoku literally meaning meat-eater).
Nikushoku is the masculine type. He’s a hunter who hones in on his prey using practised tecniques. He’s the “macho” type who typically buys expensive clothes and accessories to impress others. Nikushoku is flirty, sexually-driven and according to some Japanese women, is emotionally unavailable and will probably cheat on you.

2) The Herbivorous Man (Soshoku-Kei) is basically the opposite of Nikushoku. He won’t make the first move, and is reserved and soft-natured. He’s marriage material as he’s less likely to cheat. For this reason, Plant-Eating Man will appeal to some women, but certainly not all.

3) Bacon & Asparagus Roll Man (Asupara Bekon Maki-Kei) is meat on the outside, veggie in the middle. So he looks like Carnivore Man, but inside he’s Herbivore man. He’s confident in approaching women and has a carnivorous air about him, but actually he’s squishy inside.

4) Cabbage Roll Man on the other hand, looks innocent and soft on the outside, but inside is a Nikushoku. This type is apparently popular with women. Maybe because he appears unthreatening but possesses confidence and assertiveness.

5) Soy Milk Man gets along very well with women as he has more in common with them, like his love for soy milk apparently. Because of mutual interests, he can talk to women easily. He’s a bit more feminine and takes care of his appearance by dieting and using beauty products.

6) Hyena Man is the creep. He lacks charm and often targets more shy and reserved women.

7) The Fasting Man has no interest in love, romance or sex. It’s clear to women that he’s not looking for anything. If he is in a relationship, he doesn’t care about the status of being in one and often doesn’t make an effort. He has his own life and interests, and doesn’t exert time or energy into the relationship. A stereotype for this man is that he plays sad songs on his guitar when he’s alone, and writes blogs about how the world doesn’t get it.

8) Not food-related but certainly deserves a mention – maybe you know Otaku Man already. He has an obsession with some aspect of popular culture, whether that’s anime or manga, or has some kind of hobby that absolutely consumes him. He’s slightly immature with a poor sense of dress, but kind and thoughtful.

So those are the 8 types of Japanese men that I find the most humorous. I’m not sure which one is desired most by Japanese women (if any one type is), but personally I’m leaning towards Otaku Man.


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