Feedback left by Workawayer (Hänsel & Naomi)

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Feedback left by Workawayer (Hänsel & Naomi)

Feedback left by Workawayer (Hänsel & Naomi) 27/08/2018
Volunteering at the Hostel was a pleasure. Thanks to Hazuki and Yasu’s great guidance, we were able to make guests from all over the world feel at home. Many thanks to them for making these three weeks so memorable! We were able to socialise with many new people and had many interesting conversations and we made some new friends. It was the ideal opportunity for us to practice our language skills and become more confident in what we do. For once, we were not the guests, but the hosts, and as such we learned a lot about hospitality. We explored Hiroshima during our free days and found out it is a city which has lots to offer.
Owner Hazuki and fixed helper Yasu are really kind people and it was fun sharing moments with them. We will look back fondly to the time we worked with them!


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