What`s Sokoiko?

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What`s Sokoiko?

Hi. I`m Saki. I worked at The Evergreen hostel in last August and September, but I really like here. So, I`m working again.

I`ll write about Sokoiko in this article.
What`s Sokoiko? ➡ This is a guide tour that allows you to explore Hiroshima city by electronic bicycle. Sokoiko allows you to enjoy the REAL Hiroshima that is not on a traditional guide map.

I joined in Sokoiko Special Event in March 4th 2017. It was my first time.

We use Peacecle as a means of transportation.
It is very useful and cheap‼ You can rent a bike 108 yen for 30min.

What`s Peacecle?➡ When renting a bike you can return it at any Peacecle docking port, this makes returning our Peacecle bikes enjoyable knowing they can be returned at any of our ports. Electronic bicycle is very useful for me, because I always lack of exercise. lol

If you want to know about Peacecle in detail. Please check below‼

Web➡ http://docomo-cycle.jp/hiroshima/en/

We were really enjoyed playing parks athletics. lol  For example, suspension bridge, ropewalking and so on. Now, I have muscle pains…(T . T)It makes me scary…because it`s quite high. It was long distance. lol

We competed for time. Yeah〜〜

I was the slowest lol. I need to do excrcise more…and I have to go gym…? lol

Next, we went to Mitaki Temple and ate udon(noodle)and onigiri(rice ball)I know only name Mitaki Temple which is one of the famous sightseeing place in Hiroshima city, this is first time I visited.

I love rice❤ This onigiri was very delicious for me‼Rice is very tasty.
And we strike a bell.

How to strike a bell
1, make a bow to a bell
2, strike a bell
3, listen a bell`s sound
4, join your hands in prayer and worship
Don`t strike a bell many times‼This is rule.Only one time for one person

If you want to know about Mitaki Temple, Please ask The Evergreen Hostel staff‼

Finally, we went to dagashiya(traditional sweets shop)and I bought dagasgi(traditional sweets).For example, caramel candy and so on. I want to buy everything, because dagashi was very cheap. I love this shop.

I really enjoyed Sokoiko. I want to know and learn more about Hiroshima city, actually I’m a Hiroshima person.


Normally, Sokoiko has two route.
1, Hiroshima Active Route[4h] 2, Learning Peace in Hiroshima Route[4h]

Tour Day/ Every Tuesday・Thursday・Saturday
Tour Time/ 10am-2pm
Fee/3,000yen for adults including bicycle rental fee, insurance and guide.
No accept lunch.

You want to know about Sokoiko in detail. Please check site‼

Web➡ https://www.sokoiko-mint.com
Facebook➡ https://www.facebook.com/Sokoiko-1002718516488486/?fref=ts

Let`s join in Sokoiko‼

This time`s route is different from normal route, because I joined in Sokoiko special event. Please be understanding of this. (^ ^)
Let`s go Sokoiko‼


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