First Blog

First Blog

Hello, I am the owner of THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL, Hazuki.
The Sakura (cherry blossoms) are beautiful right now. Well, time for my first blog post, what should I write…?

 ■About me

I was born in Tokyo, but because of my family`s work I moved around a lot. Every two to three years I would move, mainly around east Japan. From middle school on I was always in Tokyo. In December 2015, after getting married, I quit my job, and moved to Hiroshima. I`ve always wanted to run a hostel, so now I`m in the process of setting everything up.

I love Travel!

Within Japan, I go cross country cycling (on my motorcycle). If I go abroad, I like to go to Asian countries and just wing it. At each rider house and guest house I stayed at, they were very welcoming, and took great care of me. When I was a student I really wasn’t the type to go traveling by myself, but once I started working I would go alone all the time.

When I started working it became difficult to match my schedule with that of my friends, and if I wanted to try a tour package, they were always crowded, with little to no free time. I wanted to get out to see and experience more local places, not just the tourist attractions that each place went to. Then one summer day, before I realized it, I was standing in Bangkok. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I thought I had to start somewhere, and that was it.

I love Hostels!

Hostels, or Guest houses in Japanese, are usually dormitory style rooms with bunkbeds where people can stay for the night for cheap. Most of the time there aren’t many amenities. In South East Asia one night at a hostel will run you around 1,000 yen (about ten American dollars), while in Japan it usually ranges from 2,500( twenty five dollars) to 4,000 (forty dollars) yen per night. When I’m out backpacking I often think that, more than the delicious food, or the stunning views, meeting new people makes travel worthwhile and exciting. Through travel I have had many once in a life time encounters, that have really changed the way I think. For example, during my time in Myanmar I met two individuals, who, a half year later, showed me around Singapore. Another time in Budapest I made a friend who was staying in the same hostel as me, and six months later I was meeting up with them in Soul and having drinks! It really blows my mind.

A hostel is a place filled with lots of opportunities, which makes it fun and exciting. For single travelers this side of hostels makes it really attractive, especially for me.

Hopes for the future

I want to hurry and open my own place in Hiroshima, were lots of guests can hang out and have a good time! Hiroshima isn’t my hometown, so because of that I’m able to see it through different eyes. I want to experience these new things together with everyone. ….but first things first, finishing construction, and getting reservations!

I really, really hope everything goes smoothly!