Tips for future staffs/guests: how’s your wallet? 長期滞在へのアドバイス

Tips for future staffs/guests: how’s your wallet? 長期滞在へのアドバイス はコメントを受け付けていません

Tips for future staffs/guests: how’s your wallet? 長期滞在へのアドバイス

Michelle from Germany answered this questions.

Duration of Stay: How long do you plan to stay in Japan this time? And how much time has passed since your arrival?

I’m staying for three months, but will be travelling here again this year. I arrived on January 10th, so, I’ve been here for almost a month. Time is running fast!

Budget for Your Stay in Japan: Do you have a budget set for your stay in Japan this time?

I had set myself a savings target, but didn’t achieve it because I travelled to Japan earlier than planned. As I had never been to Japan before, I wanted to have a financial cushion to feel more secure. But now that I’m here, I know that you can get by in Japan with less money, but it depends on your lifestyle and activities. 🙂

Basis of Budget Simulation: What kind of simulation did you base your budget on for this stay in Japan?

I didn’t do that. I just looked at how much I’ve saved in total and divided that by the months I’ve been here. But I don’t track my expenses.

Exceeding Initial Budget: Have you found that you’ve exceeded the budget you initially set for yourself since coming to Japan?

No, Japan is cheaper than I thought but this is also due to the exchange rate, which gives me the privilege of finding it cheap here.

Perception of Cost of Living in Japan: How do you feel about the cost of living in Japan?

From my (western) point of view, it is very affordable in Japan. In my home country, I live in one of the biggest cities and it costs at least twice as much to eat out there. I eat out every day and spend a maximum of 15€/day; it is around 2400 yen. As I eat a vegetarian diet, I have to pay attention to the restaurants. I think if you eat everything, you could spend even less as you can also eat more local street food. It is also cheap when you cook by yourself, because the typical Asian ingredients are cheaper than in western countries.

Tips for Saving Money During Your Stay in Hiroshima: If you have any advice on saving money during your stay in Hiroshima, please share!

Work in our hostel 🙂 + eat the delicious food cooked by Hazuki
On the evening there are reduced prices on food in supermarkets and konbini.
If you don’t have much savings, please track your expenses and maybe try not to buy all souvenirs in your first days but i.e. in your last week.
Shinkansen is nice but expensive, try the express bus instead. WILLER TRAVEL【公式】
Do not buy your SIM card at the airport. Unfortunately, that cost me a lot of money. Please ask someone in our hostel to get you a sim card. *SIM Card recommendation





貯金目標を設定していましたが、計画より早く日本に旅行したため達成できませんでした。日本に行ったことがなかったので、より安心感を持つために財政的な余裕を持ちたかったのです。でも今ここにいると、日本では少ないお金でも生活できることがわかりました。ただし、ライフスタイルや活動によって異なりますね 🙂








・私たちのホステルで働く 🙂 + 葉月が作る美味しい食事を食べるw 夕方にはスーパーやコンビニで食品の値下げがあります。
・ 貯金があまりない場合は、支出を追跡してみて、最初の数日で全てのお土産を買わないようにするか、最後の週に買うようにしてください。
・新幹線は素晴らしいですが高いです。代わりにエクスプレスバスを試してみてください。WILLER TRAVEL【公式】
・空港でSIMカードを購入しないでください。残念ながら、私はそれで多くのお金を使いました。私たちのホステルの誰かにSIMカードを手配してもらってください。 *SIMカードのおすすめ


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