What’s happening in Hiroshima city now?

What’s happening in Hiroshima city now? はコメントを受け付けていません

What’s happening in Hiroshima city now?

What’s happening in Hiroshima city now?
September 27, 2018

Hi, this is MINORI.
I’ve visited to THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL since September 26 again. I’m planning to stay here a little bit longer than usual. What will happen this time?

Just when I was thinking about it I bumped into such an interesting moment. It happened in the central Hiroshima city.

Guess what is it? Hiroshima Toyo carp which is a professional Hiroshima baseball team won the championship! So from beginning of the main street to the Hiroshima city main street people got together for celebrating it. It was a across from Starbucks main street shop. Look at the pictures pasted in this article. From where did these people come from?
high five

I was at the second floor of Starbucks and then watched what people were doing. Some people did winning-beer –splash, some people tossed people up in the air. It was really fun to watch that.

across from starbucks

On my way to THE EVERGREEN HOSTEL, there were still so many people so police officer had been called, “Please keep moving on!”. It went something like that. I4t took a little bit long time to back to hostel.

And It’s a bargain sale in Hiroshima city. Each shop were busy for preparing for the sale. I talked with shop staff who works for a broiled sweet chest nuts explained me they worked hard to prepare for the sales and it cost money to get a permission to use official Carp mascot. The means these shop take risk of paying for that and give customer to discount. They would take it that far? That’s one of the character of the people of a prefecture.

flag of the bargain broied sweet chest nuts shop

If the timing is on your side, you can get most of the things for good deal now and fell completely different atmosphere. Hope to enjoy staying Hiroshima!


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