Zunda Night

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Zunda Night

Zunda Night
Written by Jenny

It was all of sudden when Eiko-san and Hazuki-san were suddenly talking excitedly about Zunda and decided to have a Zunda night. Although I had no idea at all what Zunda is, but since it is a dessert, I was pretty sure I would be going to love it.
We went there quite early and watched the process of Zunda preparation. Zunda is actually a sweetened paste made from Edamame. Edamame is usually served in Japanese Sushi Restaurant. I never try Edamame before because it didn’t looks appetizing for me. After defrosting and boiling the Edamame, it was ran in a colander under water and its skin was removed. She lets us try hands on in crushing the boiled Edamame.
It looks easy, but it was exhaustive. (I was thinking why don’t we just put them into the blender). You can smash it to as smooth as possible or slightly rough and crunchy. Surprisingly, it was first time for other Japanese guest to do it too as Zunda is a dessert from Sendai. I felt so joyful when seeing my own Edamame had finally turned into smooth paste. The Zunda is in appealing natural green colour. Looking at the distinctive and elegant colour makes my mood elated.(I’m going to eat you now to replace the calories that I had burnt to smash you. )
The next step will be adding some processed sweetened Zunda paste into own smashed Edamame. This combination produced a heavenly sweet yet devilishly good dessert! I started to eat it with rice cake. The perfectly baked rice cake which is crisp-on-the-outside and chewy inside, coated with Zunda is decadent! Eating it with bread and sticky rice is lip smacking too!
I like Zunda smoothie the most. It is extra creamy with a mild flavor that spreads in the mouth, smoothie-indulgent!
Now Edamame impressed me. And suddenly I have an idea, why don’t we replace the red beans filling in Daifuku into Zunda paste? It will be another perfect combination.
Dessert overloaded and happiness overloaded.


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