Stay in central Hiroshima long term (2+ weeks)

Stay in central Hiroshima long term (2+ weeks) はコメントを受け付けていません。

Stay in central Hiroshima long term (2+ weeks)

Stay in central Hiroshima long term
(2+ weeks)

Finding a shared house in Japan can be really difficult and confusing: it’s not just about finding a nice place but there will be a lot of complicated paperwork to fill, providing many different documents, paying “key money”, deposit, signing a lease, etc.

There is a different option to save you from all the trouble: stay in our hostel!
We provide long term rates for travellers. You’re welcome to stay if you share our motto: “Be forever active, fresh and young regardless of your age – just like an EVERGREEN tree.”
All facilities in the hostel are shared: the dormitory as well as the lounge, kitchen, shower rooms, laundry, etc. This way we can provide you the cheapest possible rate.
We are a small hostel with only two dorm rooms: the female dorm sleeps 8 people and the mixed dorm 16 people. The bunk beds are made of wood and are comfortable. Please see pictures 🙂

Normal hostel rates are 2,500-3,500 JPY per night depending on the date and public holidays/festivals. We will offer a flat rate of 2,300 JPY per night for long term guests staying more than 2 weeks.

Minimum stay 2 weeks.  32,000 JPY per 14 nights.
No maximum stay. If you want to stay more than 30 days we will ask you to pay every 30 days in advance: 69,000 JPY per 30 nights.

*We require to photocopy your passport and take cash payment upfront when you check-in. If you wish to pay with a credit card you can make an inquiry via our Airbnb page.
*Exceptional dates when we can’t offer long term rates are: 1st of May to 10th of May and 1st of August to 20th of August. We welcome long term guests to stay but unfortunately for those dates we can’t give a discounted rate.
*No extra costs: all bills and expenses are included in the price. There will be no utility expenses, ie. linen, electricity, water or gas, all free. Wi-Fi is free 24/7. All rooms are equipped with an air conditioner so you can stay comfortably all year round.


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image1 ドライヤー / Hairdryer

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*Our hostel is equipped with:
– air conditioners
– bedding and linen
– individual reading light
– plug outlets
– lockers (no charge)
– Wi-Fi
– shampoo, conditioner and body soap
– laundry detergent
We are a non-smoking facility.
Our hostel is kept clean at all times and we take pride in maintaining it. Our business depends on happy customers and we strive to provide great customer service. We wish our guests to enjoy themselves – you are not expected to clean the dorm, as we have staff to take care of cleaning and maintenance. Let us know if you need anything! 🙂

Our hostel is very safe and staffed 24 hours. We have small lockers in the lounge, free of charge. Feel free to use them for your valuables when you go out or even during the night.

It might be surprising that people of all ages stay in our hostel! Our guests are from 16 to 70 years old. We believe this is a wonderful thing as people with life experience have so much insight to share with younger generations. Our motto is to be EVERGREEN and so we welcome people of all ages 🙂
There are many party hostels in the city but we are not one. We are a quiet, intimate hostel and have a quiet time starting at 10pm every evening: this is to ensure that all our guests can have a restful, good night at our hostel.

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