Tips for future staffs/guests: how’s your wallet? 長期滞在へのアドバイス

Tips for future staffs/guests: how’s your wallet? 長期滞在へのアドバイス はコメントを受け付けていません

Tips for future staffs/guests: how’s your wallet? 長期滞在へのアドバイス

Julie from Netherland answered this question! THX

■ Duration of Stay: How long do you plan to stay in Japan this time? And how much time has passed since your arrival?
I plan to stay in Japan for one year on a working holiday visa. I arrived last December. (2 months passed)

■  Budget for Your Stay in Japan: Do you have a budget set for your stay in Japan this time?
I saved some money, but I do not really have a budget set. I will have to work in Japan to be able to stay for a year.

■  Basis of Budget Simulation: What kind of simulation did you base your budget on for this stay in Japan?
I based my budget on the probability that I can find a job here and work.

■  Exceeding Initial Budget: Have you found that you’ve exceeded the budget you initially set for yourself since coming to Japan?
So far not yet, because I have not been in Japan for a long time.

■  Perception of Cost of Living in Japan: How do you feel about the cost of living in Japan?
The cost of living in Japan is much cheaper than in the Netherlands. However, I was surprised that fruit is more expensive here. Transportation costs to move for example to a new place in Japan are a big chunk of the budget (even by bus) so be aware of that.

■  Tips for Saving Money During Your Stay in Hiroshima: If you have any advice on saving money during your stay in Hiroshima, please share!
If you want to save money on groceries do not go to convenience stores but instead find local grocery stores.
Do not go to pachinko 😉


■ 滞在期間:今回の日本滞在はどのくらいの予定ですか?そして、到着してからどのくらいの時間が経ちましたか?

■ 日本滞在の予算:今回の日本滞在の予算はありますか?

■ 予算シミュレーションの基準:今回の日本滞在の予算シミュレーションは何に基づいていますか?

■ 初期予算の超過:日本に来てから初めて設定した予算を超過したことはありますか?

■ 日本の生活費に対する感想:日本の生活費についてどう感じていますか?

■ 広島での節約のコツ:広島での滞在中にお金を節約するためのアドバイスがあれば、ぜひ共有してください!
食料品を安く済ませたいなら、コンビニではなく地元の食料品店を探してください。パチンコには行かないでくださいね 😉 ←Julieはいってみたらしいw


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