Juan’s EVERGREEN HOSTEL experience

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Juan’s EVERGREEN HOSTEL experience

IMG_7865IMG_7864Hi my name its Juan im a 22 years old mexican student I stayed at The evergreen hostel its a nice place to stay, its so close to all the tourist and cultural places in Hiroshima, literally takes only 5 minutes from the hostel to the A-Bomb Dome, and 12-17 min to the Hiroshima Castle, it really its a nice place to stay, its cheap, always its clean, and the front desk people its so nice and polite, if you have any question they will answer it the best way, Hiroshima its the perfect place to stay it have so many places to go, but my favorite was Miyajima island its only 1 hour from Hostel on the electric street bus, and 25 min in JR line, and a 10 min férri, but all the way its really beautiful you can see deer everywhere, the sea its so beautiful and clean, you can see the bottom of the sea, there is so many shrines and temples, so if you are collecting the Shrine and Temple signature its the perfect place to go, you can go to the top of the mountain walking buts its like 1 or 2 hour walk so its kinda difficult but all the time and effort will paid off because in the middle of the trip you can have a perfect view of all the island and Hiroshima, that view on top of the top doesn’t have price, its so beautiful and if you are lucky enough you can se the beautiful birds and see the maple color trees on autuum so its the beautiful and prettiest view in all Hiroshima, on the way down you can go to the Sankido Temple or the Love Temple and be bless by the love godness qnd have an eternal and true love 😀 and the. Go again to the main town on the Railway so you can rest and have a nice view for all the trees and nature, when you arrive at the main town you can go to the O- Tori Gate and walk and the beach and take some nice pictures 😀 but in you way up be carefull with the Mamushi Snakes its no so common to see but they live on the mountain so be careful, next you can go to Daishoin temple and see all the Buddha Statues and participate on the origami painting contest, they wiil explain to you everything and then let you keep the origami, its a beautiful and funny contest, then if you have time go to the Itsukushima Shrine for only 300 Yen, the sea will rise at some hours so you can touch it inside the Shrine and when the sea its low you can see the sand ans some crabs running so its kind a funny to see jajaja, then you can go to all the shops they have there. There are so many stores so you can buy so many cheap souvenirs, after that you can take the felrri back and have a nice rest at the hostel, so you can have a nice and productive day tomorrow, I stay on the hostel 3 nights and have the best experience of my live, I made a lot of friends and get the chance to know a lot of interesting people worldwide all thanks to The Evergreen Hostel, all the people come here so you can make a lot of nice friends, I will come back with my friends and will recommend it, so if you want to have a perfect trip come here:D.


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